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La Fahyette
12 December
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I live in Australia; I therefore like to bitch about the GMT+10 timezone/the bloody great inconvenient puddle that is the Pacific Ocean/our TV schedules. I also like dancing at inappropriate moments, correcting the punctuation of public notices, and the word 'solipsism'.

By day I am a junior doctor at a large hospital. By night, I write fanfic in far too many fandoms, write sonnets as a relaxation technique, and will one day recover from my unhealthy reliance upon adverbs. Sometimes I review books.

I blame my passion for science and propensity for inventing stories on the fact that I am descended from pirates on one side and clergy on the other, and had to look for some alternate options in order to prevent self-implosion. The genetic war for my morality continues. Results pending.

And finally:

Contrary to the rational laws of vowel sounds, it's pronounced 'faye'. I'm sorry. I was sixteen. For some reason I thought H was a ninja letter with the power to be silent no matter where in a word you stuck it.

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This is a pretty good summation of my entire life.


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