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yuletide 2015: recs!

I have realised I will have to be the Yuletide 2015 rec list I want to see in the world, in the hope that it will encourage MORE REC LISTS, because >2500 fics is a lot to browse through. I need guidance! I need gushing capslock!

Here, I'll start.

First off I have to mention my two gifts, which I already shouted about on Twitter AND Tumblr, but I think they deserve some more shouting:

Spy - A Deal With a Bulgarian Devil
Mission-fic! Action! Adventure! This is pure spy romp from start to finish, featuring Susan's hilarious inner monologue, Rayna being an asshole (but with secret feelings), and Nancy being a delight.

Hamilton - A Miner Refuted
HAMILTON, IN SPACE. And not just that! Adorable Hamilton/Laurens, unapologetic revolutionary bros being amazing, cyberpunk surveillance state worldbuilding that's totally immersive and interesting, and some very clever callbacks to the musical. Everyone go and read this and SHOWER IT WITH PRAISE.

AND NOW FOR SOME MORE RECS. I have been very unsystematic in my exploration of the archive so far, but I've already unearthed some true gems.

Brooklyn Nine Nine - A Margaret Thatcher Kind Of Night
This is a thoroughly cute and very funny Jake/Amy story about AWKWARD SEX, with the best Jake Peralta narrative voice I've come across yet.

Captive Prince - Unmasked
An absolutely lovely, plotty, well-written adventure which handles the Damen-finally-knows-that-Laurent-knows moment TO PERFECTION, and also brings both characters beautifully to life. Just what I needed to tide me over during the wait for Book 3.

Fast & the Furious - Three-Point Turn
GLORIOUS POLY. I mean, the whole F&F series is thinly veiled found-family poly anyway, but this kicks it up another notch by looking at a Tej/Ramsey/Roman relationship. I loved Ramsey in the last film, and I ADORE the way this story unfolds, letting her find her place in Dominic Toretto's mad family.

Jane the Virgin - #Rogeliban
I was laughing so hard I think I strained something. Rogelio discovers the world of RPF. Rogelio accidentally starts a ship war. This pokes fun at fandom in a fond way, and the multimedia aspects are just spot-on.

Jane the Virgin - triangles and parallelograms
You guys know how easy I am for poly anything, right? This is Petra/Michael/Rafael/Jane and it's long and SUPER HOT and full of love for every single character. Plus the asides from the long-suffering Narrator are perfect.

Jeeves & Wooster - The Rummy Affair of the Brinkley Ball
Every year someone manages to nail the Wodehouse humour, and this year, THIS FIC DELIVERS SO HARD. It's got established Jeeves/Wooster and a classic Clever Scheme and it's HILARIOUS from start to finish.

Hamilton - The Courage of Which He Has The Reputation
Apparently there are going to be 50k words of this (!!!) but this part stands alone very well, and it's just--phenomenal. ARRANGED MARRIAGE. EPISTOLARY. ALEXANDER IS ACCIDENTALLY A PIRATE ACCOUNTANT?? And all while feeling historically genuine and with excellent prose. I need to find out who wrote this so I can aggressively befriend them.

Ok, so this is LMM/Groffsauce; yeah, I know! I neither intended nor wanted to explore this fandom! But I have read this story, um, three times already. It is fucking hysterical. It is full of feelings and musical theatre nerdery and MORE FEELINGS. It is just SO GOOD. Every time I think about how good it is I get angry again.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Strife at Methodist Ladies'
Elizabeth Macmillan meets Phryne Fisher at school, when she is supervising detention and Phyrne climbs out the window. NEW HEADCANON. This is a very plausible and delightful backstory, complete with a neat mystery.

Slings & Arrows - Going Dark
There's only one S&A fic in the archive this year, but it's a doozy. This is the story of Darren Nichols and Richard Smith-Jones putting on a musical, as told through poor, poor Maria's rehearsal notes. It is pure, solid Canadian gold from the first mention of Mounties on stage to the final drunken email.

I am sure I will discover more, but that's what I've got for now. Go forth! Enjoy!

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