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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

Hello, dear writer!

Recycling this bit from last year: Yuletide is one of my favourite things about fandom, and I hope you have a great time writing this story. If you offered one of these fandoms/characters because you have a particular story burning a hole in your imagination: WRITE THAT ONE. Optional details being optional, I'd rather you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

All further details and prompts are below:

Spy (2015) -- Susan Cooper, Rayna Boyanov

The further exploits of the CIA's most badass agent and her kind-of-nemesis the sulky foul-mouthed criminal heiress! I loved, loved, LOVED the relationship between Susan and Rayna, which swung wildly between pure antagonism and grudging respect, and was based mostly in creative insults. MORE OF THAT PLEASE.

Maybe Susan has to get information out of Rayna, and visits her in prison. Maybe Rayna got away when they brought down De Luca, and she's sending Susan mocking postcards from her yacht while drinking champagne out of crystal glasses. Maybe Susan gets amnesia due to a head injury sustained on a mission and an escaped Rayna nurses her back to health and convinces her that she is, in fact, Rayna's bodyguard, because she misses having her around. And then they go shopping and diamond-smuggling in Prague, arguing the whole way.

I'm willing to go as silly as you are, is what I'm saying here.

I didn't see this as a super femslashy dynamic, but if that's where you want to take it, I'm open to being sold on the idea.

I also enjoyed Susan and Nancy's supportive friendship, and the utter ridiculousness of Rick Ford, and Our Lady Alison Janney The CIA Director, so I'd be happy if you wanted to throw any of them into the mix.

Plus: feel free to explore ridiculous crossovers with the action franchise of your choice. James Bond? The Bourne movies? Man from UNCLE? The latest Mission: Impossible lineup? I am a total sucker for fun and extravagant action films; Spy was probably my favourite movie of the year so far, and it was up against some very stiff competition. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

(And it's probably the easiest canon to pick up, if we matched on another fandom but you're not feeling any of my prompts.)

Saga (Comics) -- Upsher, Doff

I would be fascinated to see your version of their past on their own planet, and especially would love to see more of them in their professional journalistic role, unrelated to the events involving the series protagonists. Five stories they wrestled (literally, or figuratively) to the ground for the Hebdomadal? Their experience in the war? The story of how they met? Go wild.

I got into Saga this year and was blown away by the complexity, creativity and sheer exuberance of the worldbuilding and plotting. I love EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER, but I'm getting plenty of stuff about Hazel's family in the comic itself; fanfic is for poking your way into the less frequented corners, right? And I really like Upsher and Doff and their clear affection for one another, their fond domesticity in a dangerous world, and the fact that they are both journalists down to their bones. Our first allegiance is to the truth.

There's actually a piece of cover art from Chapter Sixteen that I love. Here's a link, but in case it dies: they're ankle-deep in water and being shot at, Doff is snapping photos, and Upsher is yelling into a hand-held recorder while holding a helmet that says PLEASE DO NOT KILL. (Why isn't he wearing the helmet?? Personally I think it's a combination of total lack of survival instinct + he's worried it will mess up his hair. He does have pretty great hair.) The story behind that picture -- of the two of them when they were war correspondents on Jetsam -- would be AWESOME.

Saga being Saga and all about the unexpected ways in which paths intersect, and the ways our choices lead us into strange places, you should toss in as few or as many of the other characters as you like.

A note on assumed canon and spoilers: I've read up to the fourth TP and intend to buy the fifth soon, but I'm not following individual issues of the comic, so I'd prefer a story set either before or within the events up to the fifth trade volume.

Hamilton - Miranda -- Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens

I am going to be both unoriginal and absolutely frank with you here: I want SEXY LETTERS. The lost romantic correspondence of Alexander Hamilton. Historiographic nerdery -- in the form of footnotes, annotations, or hilarious arguments in the Letters section of an academic journal about Hamilton's use of Revolutionary-era slang for genitalia/frosty warring interpretations regarding Which Of Them Was On Top -- is strongly encouraged.

OH GOD. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. Literally the week after nominations closed, this musical and its fandom slammed me in the face with feelings and opinions and needs. The musical does such a great job of making real, flawed, compelling characters out of historical figures. I love Hamilton's nervy exuberance and the edge of desperation to his perpetual motion, I love his asshole sense of humour, his unapologetic emotion, and his total inability to think before he speaks. I love how his joys and furies bring out strong emotion and strong opinion in everyone else.

Laurens is more of a cipher as far as the musical goes, being presented as less complex, but I like that we see his earnestness and strength of character so clearly through Hamilton's biased narration (redefining bravery!) and it raises the question: what ARE his flaws, and his doubts, and his complexities? What would we see if he was granted a monologue of his own? Plus there's the heart-punch of thematic parallels with Phillip that the double-casting really highlights.

As far as my main prompt is concerned: they don't have to be sexy sexy letters, either; they can be romantic with a sprinkling of innuendo if that's more your speed. Or they can be raunchy and explicit as all get-out. Up to you. Personally I think Hamilton's grasp of language could swing either way (*rimshot*). I've read his existing letters to Laurens and seen Miranda's tweets about his letters to Eliza and Angelica ("Hamilton's sexytimes correspondence"), and the man definitely knew how to wax lyrical about his feelings and desires.

And yeah, if you're in this fandom because you're a politics or history nerd, and you feel like working some sly academic meta into it, that would delight me no end.

But this is a 'Hamilton the musical' request, not a Historical RPF request, so do NOT feel obliged to research/mimic his writing style: go gloriously anachronistic if you prefer, or combine the epistolary format with a modern-day AU (the Lost Sexts of Alexander Hamilton). Or even, if you are a far braver soul than I, the format of the musical itself.

If you are biting the inside of your cheek in horror because a) you like the pairing but hate the idea of epistolary fic, or b) you are a gen writer at heart and really just wanted to explore their Beautiful Friendship, or write about the hijinks of Hamilton's gang of revolutionary bros, DON'T WORRY I LOVE YOU ANYWAY. How about:

- a high school or university AU
- a SPACE AU I'm sorry I just really like things happening in space
- they all work for NASA?? I read & watched The Martian recently and I am very suggestible; they should totally all work for NASA
- Laurens Survives, Hurrah!! canon (er, reality) divergence AU
- any form of aforementioned history-academia nerdiness

I will say I'm not looking for angst, so I'd prefer you didn't write heart-rending deathfic, no matter how historically accurate.

Finally: obviously I only nominated two characters here, and if you are a dedicated OTPer for this pairing, then: full speed ahead! But if you subscribe to the Cheerful Bisexual Alexander Hamilton Is Banging Everyone newsletter and want to throw in some Alexander/Eliza, Alexander/Angelica, or Alexander/Pretty Much Anyone as well, then I would not be at all averse to that. I am especially open to threesomes and polyamory in this fandom.


Hamilton/Saga fusion or crossover. They are in space. They are also at war! Upsher and Doff try to interview Hamilton and he monologues obnoxiously into their recorder for half an hour! I'm not saying King George is a TV robot, but: King George is totally a TV robot.


I like humour and clever use of language. I like families (blood or found). I like slow-build romance and lightning attraction. I like mythology, and science, and Shakespeare. I like absurd tropes around fake relationships or marriages of convenience. I am a sucker for close-to-canon AUs with magical powers or telepathy. As mentioned, I like things happening in space.

I'm fine with any rating from complete gen to filthy porn, and with any combination of het/slash/femslash/none of the above. I love threesomes and moresomes. I'm not looking for anything strongly kinky, but I do enjoy stories that explore and play around with the control and power dynamics between characters, or obedience (although I don't like humiliation to be a feature). Happy endings preferred.

I'm not a fan of soulmate tropes or A/B/O anything, I don't like pregnancy or kidfic as a general rule, and the kind of hurt/comfort that hinges on someone getting sick and the other person taking care of them is a bit too close to my day job for me to find it particularly interesting. I don't like very graphic descriptions of violence, especially torture. (I'm fine with you writing about blood and injuries; it's the deliberate infliction that I'd prefer not to see.)

You can find most of my own fic archived on AO3, and I am fahye on tumblr if you wish to do some benign stalking.

Have fun!

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