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Hello, dear writer!

Yuletide is one of my favourite things about fandom, and I hope you have a great time writing this story. If you offered one of these fandoms/characters because you have a particular story burning a hole in your imagination: WRITE THAT ONE. Optional details being optional, I'd rather you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

All further (and seriously: optional) details are below cuts:

1. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Jack Robinson, Phryne Fisher)

Friends, partners, lovers, uneasy co-parents of their strange created family: whatever dynamic you want to run with here, I'll enjoy it. Any and all AUs (space detectives?) or ridiculous romcom tropes (fake marrieds?) are fine by me, and feel free to throw in as many of the other characters from the series as your heart desires.

This show is so good for me. Found family, light-hearted hijinks, multiple versions of femininity taken seriously and played lovingly. I listed Jack and Phryne because I want to smush their faces together as much as the next person, and shippy fic would be fantastic. However, if you want to veer gen-wards and write a fun ensemble piece featuring all of your other favourite characters from the show, that would be great too!

If you love the 1920s aesthetic and want to stick within the canon setting, I salute your choice, but this is also one of those fandoms where wild & wacky AUs would be very welcome. Do you have a secret hankering to write magical realism? Go for it. ARE they space detectives? I approve deeply. Regency era? Post-apocalyptic? Awesome, have fun.

(The only caveat I'd hang on this is that I'd prefer you to keep the Together, They Solve Crime! element of the partnership intact, rather than heading off into realms of coffeeshops or similar.)

If (and only if!) you are familiar with both this fandom and the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries: the cherished and unlikely desire of my heart this year is a crossover, featuring any combination of Jack, Phryne, Peter & Harriet. You'd have to fudge the timelines to make everything line up, but I would put up with flagrant anachronism, ocean-hopping and canonical nose-thumbing to see Peter and Phryne be outrageous at one another, or for Phryne and Harriet to have crime-solving adventures, or for Jack and Peter to be old acquaintances from their army days.

2. Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. Sayers (Peter Wimsey, Harriet Vane)

There's a fair amount in the books already about how these two very self-sufficient and strong-minded people bend and settle around one another in order to form a remarkably lovely marriage, but I WANT TO READ MORE. I don't mind what tone you want to go for here; something serious about the war would be just as welcome as sheer ridiculous hijinks.

One of my favourite things about the book series is the way Sayers uses them as an excuse to wax erudite about bewilderingly specific things like bell-ringing and the advertising industry, so if you're a nerd (historical or otherwise) looking to drag a fandom into your workplace, then a casefic featuring the indomitable team of Peter-and-Harriet would be AMAZING.

If you're looking for other specific ideas: I would love to see anything about Harriet coming to terms with her identity as a mother, given how gently she had to ease into the idea of herself as wife, and how she balances these identities next to those of careerist and writer. I think these two characters also lend themselves to vignettes, so a Five Things format would be excellent if you're stuck: five gifts one of them gave to the other, for example.

(Also: see the notes above for Miss Fisher regarding a crossover prompt. If you like the Wimsey mysteries but aren't familiar with the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries TV show, then I have no hesitation in recommending it and strongly suspect it would be up your alley -- do check it out, if you're interested! -- but please don't feel obligated to consume a whole new canon just to fulfil my whims. A story for either of these fandoms singly will delight me just as much.)

3. The Hour (Bel Rowley, Freddie Lyon)

The queen of the newsroom and her wayward knight. I love the perfect blend of idealism and cynicism represented in the show's mix of characters, and the way each person is shown to be a realistic collection of flaws and strengths. I love heartbreakingly determined Bel, I love the way she and Freddie sharpen one another's edges, and I love their history and their magnetic belief in one another.

I finally got around to watching this show this year, after people telling me repeatedly that I'd enjoy it, and INDEED I DID.

If your shipper's heart desires, FIX THE DAMN ENDING and show me what these two would be like in a relationship; the things that would be easy and the things they'd have to work at. But I'd also be happy if you want to focus on their friendship and their shared passion for the news.

This is another request where an interesting AU would delight me: nothing that loses the bitter edge that the show has, but a shift in context. I'd love modern-day reporters wielding social media to their advantage, I'd love something with a science fiction slant. (Hell, give me the AU where they're an actual queen and an actual knight, if that's what floats your boat.)

If you feel up to it, I would particularly like to see Bel and Freddie (and anyone else from the team) on the other side of the lens. Poised politican and her loyal machinist, drinking wine in bed and plotting their power games, all of their ruthlessness coming to the fore. And if you threw some subtle obedience kink in there, you would WIN ME FOREVER.

4. The Tiffany Aching series - Terry Pratchett (Tiffany Aching)

Tiffany is one of my favourite fictional girls of all time: practical, powerful, always yearning and always grounded. Show me any unexplored aspect of her life that takes your fancy, either on her own turf or on a distant adventure, either alone or with others.

The Tiffany Aching books are my favourite Discworld sub-series; I think their focus on responsibility and ideas of adulthood and the price of power is amazing, and my love for Tiffany herself knows no bounds. The relationship between Tiffany and Letitia Keepsake has a lot of baggage built into it, around girlhood and witch-hood and large futures, so I would love any story at all about how they will maintain their friendship as they grow into their roles as Witch and Lady and have to negotiate the balance of power between them.

Other Tiffany-related things I would adore if you felt like playing with them: any exploration of Tiffany and Preston's relationship, and any of the older Lancre witches. Wee Free Men optional, but certainly welcome.

If you want to expand the scope of the story to explore the wider Discworld -- for example, Tiffany making another trip to Ankh-Morpork and finding herself mixed up in a random event with Character Of Your Choice -- then I'd really enjoy that too. I'd especially love to see your version of Tiffany meeting Susan Sto Helit, the other practical and powerful and grudgingly romantic Discworld lady of my heart.

As a final prompt: the book Witches Abroad touches thoughtfully on what Granny Weatherwax might have become if she'd gone down the path of selfish power, and while I think Tiffany (like Granny) has too much iron and self-assurance to her to ever turn evil, I'd be VERY interested to see a story about what could bring her close to that brink as an adult, and how she would drag herself back over the line.

General notes

Recycling from last year, more or less:

I like humour and clever use of language, I like magic with a light touch to it, I like families (blood or found). I like slow-build romance and lightning attraction. I like mythology, and science, and Shakespeare.

I'm fine with any rating from complete gen to filthy porn, and with any combination of het/slash/none of the above (and despite the fact that my requests this year are skewing quite het-OTP, I am ALL ABOUT functional threesomes as a general rule). I'm not looking for anything strongly kinky, but I do enjoy stories that explore and play around with the control and power dynamics between characters, or obedience (although I don't like humiliation to be a feature). Happy endings preferred.

I don't like very graphic descriptions of violence, especially torture. (I'm fine with you writing about blood and injuries; it's the deliberate infliction that I'd prefer not to see.)

You can find most of my own fic archived on AO3.

Have fun!

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