La Fahyette (fahye) wrote,
La Fahyette

accomplished today

1) Outdoor Socialisation! The practice med student and I went to a nearby town for their monthly market and bought a shitload of foodie stuff. I now have a bottle of caramelised balsamic vinegar infused with persimmons and finger limes (I know) which I am going to put on fucking everything. Eggs. Salad. Ice cream. Whatever.

2) I watched Back to the Future for the first time. A+ viewing experience.

3) FINISHED THE HANNIBAL FIC. Will glance over it tomorrow and then post it; it's disgracefully self-indulgent and I don't caaaaaaare, I was long overdue a short and show-offy lyrical kind of piece and hopefully it will calm down that part of my writing brain for a while so I can concentrate on plottier things.

4) Did not die of aching muscles, though kind of wanted to. GYM. WHY.

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