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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello to my wonderful writer for 2012!

I'm sure you're an excellent sort of person, and I'll let you off the hook right now: if there's a story already burning away in your heart about the characters & fandom that we matched on, write that one. Enjoy it! Optional details, as they say, are completely optional.

1. The Lady's Not For Burning - Christopher Fry (Jennet Jourdemayne, Thomas Mendip)

I'm trying to think of an elegant way to say, AND NOW MAKE THEM KISS. Uh. The best things about this play are the way it weaves humour so seamlessly into pathos and poetry, and the way it builds a love story out of the warm, desperate, flickering exchange of words. Jennet and Thomas! Backstory, future story -- whatever you want to write, I'll love it. Especially if there's kissing.

If we matched on this, HELLO, LET'S BE FRIENDS. (If we didn't, it's probably the easiest canon to quickly absorb, but don't feel at all obligated to read it or, you know, like it.) This is one of my favourite plays in existence, and as much as I love the delicacy of the romance, I've always hungered for mooooooore words about these two wonderful people and their issues around death, obligation, love, and purpose. If you are stuck for starting points: I have always secretly wanted Jennet to actually be a witch. WHAT. I like witches. And speaking of...

2. Discworld - Terry Pratchett (Tiffany Aching, Letitia Keepsake)

GIRL FRIENDSHIP. Girl friendship between witches! I will devour avidly any story about these two, but I'm especially interested in how they will maintain their friendship as they grow into their roles as Witch and Lady and have to negotiate the balance of power between them.

The Tiffany Aching books are my favourite Discworld sub-series; I think their focus on responsibility and ideas of adulthood and the price of power is amazing, and my love for Tiffany herself knows no bounds. The relationship between Tiffany and Letitia has a lot of baggage built into it, around girlhood and witch-hood and large futures, so feel free to address any point at all in their future lives. Other things I would adore if you feel like throwing them in: Tiffany/Preston, magical hijinks, character development for Roland, the older Lancre witches.

3. Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis (Ned Henry, Verity Kindle)

Not gonna lie, I'm looking for romcom hijinks here. How many arguments do they have during the engagement period? Do they honeymoon in Exciting Historical Time Period Of Your Choice? Is there a ridiculous Willis-esque debacle surrounding the wedding? (Please say yes.) Anything exploring Verity's POV would be especially appreciated.

(this request shamelessly recycled from last year)

Yep, this is all about my need to smush Ned and Verity together and make high-pitched kissy noises. My absolute ideal story here would be said wedding debacle; I am a sucker for hilarious wedding stories, the pitfalls of time travel lend themselves well to it, and you could rope in as many of the universe's other characters as you desired. And yes, I'd especially love seeing anything from Verity's POV, because even though we get a fair sense of her as a person through Ned's eyes, I'd still like a bit more exploration of her character -- what drew her to time travel and the study of history? What is her life like in the present era? If you have existing knowledge of a particular time period and/or place, or want to use this as an opportunity to research one and then throw the characters into it, PLEASE DO! I love period detail.

4. Push (2009) (Pop Girl)

Where does she come from, where does she go? I would love to see some backstory for this girl that looks at her place within her family, and how she's learned to develop and wield her power. Even more than that, I'd love a story set after the film, exploring what she does and who she becomes without her duties and her loyalties.

If you're looking for specifics or want to play with a larger portion of the cast, I'd LOVE to see Pop Girl form a grudging alliance with Nick and Cassie and anyone else you'd like to include, in order to take down Division. Or something where she builds a life for herself in her own city, with bonus Emily Hu! Maybe she takes her place as heir apparent in her father's syndicate. Maybe she joins Division herself. I WILL ADORE BASICALLY ANYTHING. Feel free to worldbuild your little heart out, too, there are a lot of interesting gaps to explore, and one of my favourite things about the canon is how difficult these two-edged swords of superpowers are. I have a serious weakness for stories that look at the ugly logistics and limitations of the magical.


On a more general note: I like humour (dark or otherwise), interesting and creative use of language, anything to do with families (blood or found), and flawed relationships that work anyway. I like science & medicine, and mythology, and Shakespeare. I like fics that include sneaky meta commentary on the canon itself. I like romance with an edge to it. I would be totally down with a crossover between fandoms that I enjoy, if that's what strikes your fancy.

I don't like very graphic descriptions of violence, and I especially don't like any kind of torture to be directly portrayed. (I'm fine with you writing about blood and injuries; it's the deliberate infliction that I'd prefer not to see.)

I'm happy with any rating of story and with any combination of gen/slash/het.

I'm not looking for anything overtly kinky, but I do enjoy stories that explore and play around with the control and power dynamics between characters in subtle ways (although I don't like humiliation to be a feature).

My own master fic list is here, if you want to poke around and see what sorts of things I enjoy writing and what fandoms I'm familiar with.

Have a wonderful Yuletide!

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