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La Fahyette
27 December 2015 @ 09:20 am
I have realised I will have to be the Yuletide 2015 rec list I want to see in the world, in the hope that it will encourage MORE REC LISTS, because >2500 fics is a lot to browse through. I need guidance! I need gushing capslock!

Here, I"ll start.Collapse )

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La Fahyette
17 October 2015 @ 07:54 am
Hello, dear writer!

Recycling this bit from last year: Yuletide is one of my favourite things about fandom, and I hope you have a great time writing this story. If you offered one of these fandoms/characters because you have a particular story burning a hole in your imagination: WRITE THAT ONE. Optional details being optional, I'd rather you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

All further details and prompts are below:

Spy, Saga, HamiltonCollapse )

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La Fahyette
22 July 2015 @ 05:22 pm
Recently [personal profile] schiarire sent me a list of writing questions she'd curated by, as she put it, cannibalizing various interviews in the Paris Review, and I'm going to treat them as one long, slow, meandering interview. I expect the answers will get wordy, and I definitely want to have them in one centrally-archived and easy-to-find spot. So I'm dusting off this blog instead of sticking them solely on Tumblr, despite that being--ENDLESS GERIATRIC SIGHING--where everyone hangs out and where most of my content is these days.

If anyone else wants to steal & answer any of the questions as well, go for it. Meme the hell out of it! It'll be fun!

Here's the full list; answers to start tomorrow:

Who would you name as fundamental to this conversation?Collapse )

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La Fahyette
01 January 2015 @ 05:30 pm
I feel like any resolution to use this blog more regularly in 2015 is doomed at the outset (or at least, it will be until...May, after exams) but I still want to talk about my Yuletide stories because I'm a dork like that. And I had fun with them. AND I LOVE YULETIDE.

There were five, because why study when you can displace all your stress onto fanfiction.

1) Confidence Artists, the Road to El Dorado threesome fic that was probably inevitable, knowing me and threesomes. I had to throw together a con plot and a romance built on unresolved arguments and also a sex scene involving three people (ugh, TRICKY BLOCKING) and resist, resist, resist the urge to make it too easy for myself and use Tulio as the POV character. But I like how it fell out.

2) fighting vainly the old ennui, the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries canon-AU about how Jack and Mac should be buddies and how PHRYNE IS CATWOMAN (as opposed to the other AU I was tossing up, which went more down the PHRYNE IS BATMAN path). This story was a collision of my love for identity porn, letters, poems, and thief/detective love stories; for a very long time the GDoc was simply called MISS FISHER WHITE COLLAR AU which tells you a lot about how the idea germinated.

([personal profile] agonistes, I wanted SO MUCH to write a treat for you, but I had already exhausted all of my feelings about Jack and Mac and their beautiful potential friendship while writing this story, so I just wriggled around silently and hoped you would read and enjoy it anyway.)

3) Shades of Pale, a Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters story that I wrote VERY early in the Yuletide period and then threw at my favourite letter as a treat. What can I say, I am easy for witch narratives. And Gemma Arterton. And Gemma Arterton making out with Jeremy Renner while covered in blood, which while not TECHNICALLY a part of the film, I feel was heavily implied to the extent that I had to oblige in fic form.

4) And All Things Nice, the Rule 63 Peter Pan story that FLEW out of me at the last minute when the prompt got stuck in my head and wouldn't leave. So far in comments I have revealed that Captain Hook is played by Natalie Dormer (and might actually be Jamie Moriarty, given the James/Jamie thing, you can decide that for yourself) and that somewhere in me is a whole fucking novel about her cruelty and her history. This story did a lot better than I expected.

5) Playing Titania in Tim Hortons, the other story that flew out at the very very last minute (single sitting, Christmas Eve, booyah!) because the prompt was so good. It's a Scott Pilgrim/Slings & Arrows crossover about Knives Chau becoming the new muse of Darren Nichols, and it was absurdly fun to write.

& now, to work on my WIPs. I have THREE dangling and unfinished multi-chapter stories on AO3 at the moment, and this year is the year I will FIX THAT.

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La Fahyette
20 October 2014 @ 07:03 pm
Hello, dear writer!

Yuletide is one of my favourite things about fandom, and I hope you have a great time writing this story. If you offered one of these fandoms/characters because you have a particular story burning a hole in your imagination: WRITE THAT ONE. Optional details being optional, I'd rather you enjoy yourself thoroughly.

All further (and seriously: optional) details are below cuts:

Miss Fisher"s Murder MysteriesCollapse )

Lord Peter Wimsey - Dorothy L. SayersCollapse )

The HourCollapse )

Tiffany Aching series - Terry PratchettCollapse )

General notes

Recycling from last year, more or less:

I like humour and clever use of language, I like magic with a light touch to it, I like families (blood or found). I like slow-build romance and lightning attraction. I like mythology, and science, and Shakespeare.

I'm fine with any rating from complete gen to filthy porn, and with any combination of het/slash/none of the above (and despite the fact that my requests this year are skewing quite het-OTP, I am ALL ABOUT functional threesomes as a general rule). I'm not looking for anything strongly kinky, but I do enjoy stories that explore and play around with the control and power dynamics between characters, or obedience (although I don't like humiliation to be a feature). Happy endings preferred.

I don't like very graphic descriptions of violence, especially torture. (I'm fine with you writing about blood and injuries; it's the deliberate infliction that I'd prefer not to see.)

You can find most of my own fic archived on AO3.

Have fun!

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La Fahyette
05 September 2014 @ 08:35 pm
Has it really been two months since I posted here? The year is FLYING by, which is terrifying, but I am also gathering up my building excitement about next year, for a variety of reasons:

1) I'll be back in Canberra, which...look, I LOVE the place I'm working at the moment, I'm going to cry horribly at the prospect of working in a place with a less incredible set of people, but at the same time I'm rapidly losing patience with the whole small-town life thing. I miss shops, I miss the theatre, I miss even the modest Canberran version of city crowds, I miss restaurants and cafes and art galleries. I miss my family and my friends.

2) My apartment will be built and ready for me to move into. I don't think you realise how excited I am about the prospect of MY OWN PLACE, my own teensy one-bedroom third-floor apartment with a shitty view and an easy walk to my favourite Chinese takeway place. I'm going to hang art on the walls, I'm going to buy three enormous bookshelves, I'm going to have a fucking kitchen colour scheme, I'm going to have people over for really tiny dinner parties. I'm going to whine about having a mortgage at every opportunity. I already know what my housewarming presents to myself will be.

3) I got the part-time job I was hoping for at the medical school, which will mean I am doing two days a week of research and teaching as well as two days a work of clinical patient contact. After years of running in the other direction so as not to be exposed to the faintest whiff of research, I'm coming around to it, mostly because I love teaching so much and no university will let you just bum around designing curriculums and running clinical tutorial groups, which is my ideal professional life.

Work. Okay, let's talk about work.

I haven't been posting about my work much because it's overwhelming and draining and annoying and incredible and humbling. Being a GP is very, very different to being a hospital doctor; being a registrar and working largely independently is very, very different to being the paperwork and blood-taking monkey at the bottom of the medical pyramid.

I make decisions all day that have potentially immense consequences. I am learning to tell people things they don't want to hear. I am learning to talk about everything and to listen to people say everything to me; I am frequently cried on or yelled at; I've told people they have cancer or that I'm taking their driver's license away from them; I've been manipulated and lied to and resented. I talk to people of all ages and backgrounds about their sex lives, their abusive relationships, their jobs, their fears, their embarrassing symptoms, their pain and their pregnancy, their genitals and their hallucinations. I'm a psychologist and a life coach and a teacher and a social worker.

Which is not to say I'm particularly expert or wonderful at being any of those things. I spent four years of medical school learning the coagulation cascade and the causes of cardiomyopathy, and then spent two years as an intern/RMO learning how to talk an urgent CT scan out of a grumpy radiologist and how to fit twelve hours worth of ward jobs into an eight hour shift. Nobody teaches you how to sit with a straight face and a sympathetic voice and recommend that your 60-year old patient buys a copy of The Joy of Sex to read with her husband because penetrative intercourse has been impossible since his prostate surgery and her response to a gentle suggestion about exploring non-penetrative intimacy was, "I don't think he knows about all of that."

It's so challenging, and so tiring. But I tell you what, it's the best education in the breadth and depth of humanity that anyone could ask for.

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La Fahyette
10 July 2014 @ 08:37 pm
...I am just increasingly scarce online, through both circumstance (TERRIBLE INTERNET CONNECTION) and necessity (EXAMS).

Please note that my exams are still a while away; the Diploma of Child Health ones are in December, my writtens for Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners are in February, and the clinical exams for fellowship are in May.

HOWEVER. The sheer amount of stuff to be learned has grabbed me by the shoulders and shaken me into a frankly depressing schedule.

My days, currently, have this approximate shape:

6am-7am: study
7am-8:30am: shower, breakfast, frantically catch up on the internet
8:30am-5:30pm: work
6pm-7pm: gym
7pm-8pm: cook and eat dinner, plus or minus grocery shopping
8pm-9pm: study
9pm-10pm: GLORIOUS HOUR OF FREE TIME. write? read? single episode of TV? luxury!!

(I allow myself Wednesday evenings off for PUB TRIVIA and DRINKING because otherwise my sanity would probably snap like a twig.)

It probably doesn't matter that this house's hellish internet is too slow for tumblr, because it's not like I'd be able to spend much time on it anyway.


BUT I HAD A GREAT TIME IN TORONTO RECENTLY, hanging out with [personal profile] electrumqueen and exploring the city, and having adventures like World Pride and vegan brunch and IMRY'S WEDDING and drinking cocktails out of sports bottles in a hotel pool with many of the members of my beloved elite international girl gang (&PLASTICS;) and -- yeah, it was awesome :)

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La Fahyette
21 May 2014 @ 06:40 pm
Current mood is warring between proud and embarrassed, but fuck it, let's go: I wrote some hockey fic.

Anyone tempted to say YEAH I SAW THAT ONE COMING can join the queue behind, let's face it, me.

It's porn. In fact, it started as an exercise in porn and pacing (because now that I've commited to writing filth, I obviously have to get BETTER at it, right? exercises! drills! ...is anyone surprised yet that the POV character is JToews?) and by the time I'd finished it had developed enough of a structure that I figured I'd post it.

So yeah. 95% porn by volume, 3% being feelings and the final 2% being hockey metaphors because where's the fun in writing people who have totally alien interests and life experiences to yourself if you can't ransack those interests for imagery?

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